Scunthorpe Office Rental

Scunthorpe Office Rental


  • Akuvox R29S door entry phone
  • Facial recognition
  • Inbuild Mifare proximity reader


Being an established multi-use business center, Scunthorpe Office Rental needed a system to replace the old audio-only Bewacom BM3, which managed tenants and visitors via the PABX and digital coded keypad entry. The system was several years old and antiquated using converters to the IP phone network.

The scope was simple - upgrade the door entry system to a new, more robust, and technology-driven system. The new system had to have the ability to view visitors via an app and contain reporting tools. Crucially the new solution had to have video and audio functionality to verify visitors and enhance the user and customer experience together with site security.


  • We chose the Akuvox R29S door entry phone, due to its enhanced features, facial recognition, and inbuilt Mifare proximity reader.
  • We have had an Akuvox unit on demonstration and testing in our office for several weeks for this exact requirement and purpose. The easy to administer unit and cloud portal works in sync with our business goals and ethos of transitioning customers to the cloud.
  • This unit more than met the customer’s needs and expectations and is easy to manage to add/remove tenants and visitors for both short term and long-term use via the cloud portal.
  • With OLS adequately managing this service and future plans to upgrade other doors within the site to be access-controlled, this unit will easily be able to ingrate into the architecture of the system with ease.

Installation details

  • This is the main entrance to the site, and aesthetics are important for the customer experience, along with functionality and security.
  • To start, the unit is very attractive, easy to use, easy to keep clean, and has an intuitive directory style menu for visitors to use.
  • We also needed to keep in mind a multi-purpose access control suite for entry was part of the specification: facial recognition, proximity entry, and keypad entry due to the diversity of the site.
  • When called, each host (multiple per office) can answer via the app, whether in office or out of office.
  • With a very diverse customer base, the center needed a system that was reliable and also relied on existing infrastructure and no servers or onsite hosting. 

Key Takeaway

This unit has come into its own during the COVID19 outbreak. It has allowed for facial recognition entry to be used for minimal touching of the units, enabled tenants to keep in contact with any visitors or deliveries they would have otherwise missed: easy to clean screen and IP rating. With more remote working and working from home, the smartphone app has become an even more valuable tool in a business owner’s


  • UKG
  • SSAIB Access Control Systems
  • SSAIB CCTV Systems
  • TGB Sheds
  • ACT 365
  • Greenyard
  • Safe Contractor
  • Sine
  • Emtelle
  • ACT365
  • Tile Constructionline
  • ABE Ledbury
  • Remondis
  • ISO 9001
  • Suprema
  • Gatesafe